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The History of Language Processor Technology in IBM

From IBM
The History of Language Processor Technology in IBM is written by F. E. Allen. The history of language processor technology in IBM is described in this paper. Most of the paper is devoted to compiler technology; interpreters, assemblers, and macro systems are discussed briefly. The emphasis is on scientific contributions tions and technological advances from a historical perspective. The synergistic relationship between theory and practice is a sub theme.
In 1953 IBM introduced an early “automatic-programming” system: Speed code for the IBM 701 computer. The goal of the system was to [l] “. . . lessen the enormous burdens of the programmer by providing a larger and more convenient instruction repertoire than a given machine provides.” In the same paper John Backus and Harlan Herrick go on to state: “There are two principal methods by which automatic-programming systems make these non machine operations available to the programmer: the interpretive method and the compiling method.” In the almost 30 years that have intervened since these observations were first made, methods for
solving “the programming problem” have become more diverse and sophisticated, but the basic problem remains. Language processors-compilers, interpreters, macro systems, and assemblers-are still the principal methods used. In this paper we trace the history of IBM’s contributions to the techniques used in today’s language processors. The paper concentrates on IBM’s scientific and technological contributions, covering only widely used, general purpose techniques or those of particular scientific or historical interest....
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This post aid you to get free ebooks on compiler design, lex, yaac, parser generators, automata lanuguages, automata techniques, advanced programming language design, Yacc, compiler construction phases, compiler construction using Bison, flex lexical analyser, compiler design and implementation techniques, modern compiler design techniques, etc
This free compiler design ebooks guides you to lex, yaac, compiler construction, language design, bison, behavioral compilers, compiler design and implementation, flex, lexical analysis, automata techniques, etc.
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  1. A Compact Guide to Lex & Yacc By Tom Niemann
  2. Advanced Compiler Construction By Professor Keith D. Cooper and Dr. Timothy J. Harvey
  3. Advanced Programming Language Design By Raphael A. Finkel
  4. Behavioral Compiler Tutorial
  5. Bison The YACC-compatible Parser Generator by Charles Donnelly and Richard Stallman
  6. Compiler Construction - Bison 2.3 Manual
  7. Compiler Construction By Niklaus Wirth
  8. Compiler Construction using Flex and Bison By Anthony Aaby
  9. Compiler Design and Implementation By Johan E. Thelin
  10. Compilers and Compiler Generators an introduction with C++ By P.D. Terry
  11. Compilers: Backend to Frontend and Back to Front Again By Abdulaziz Ghuloum
  12. Design and Evaluation of a Compiler Algorithm for Prefetching
  13. Debugging Lex, Yacc
  14. Flex - fast lexical analyzer generator
  15. Flex, version 2.5 - A fast scanner generator By Vern Paxson
  16. How to Write a Simple Parser by Ashim Gupta
  17. Learning compiler design as a research activity By Francisco Moreno-Seco, Mikel L. Forcada
  18. Let's Build a Compiler by Jack Crenshaw
  19. Lex - A Lexical Analyzer Generator By M. E. Lesk and E. Schmidt
  20. Lex and YACC primer/HOWTO By bert hubert
  21. Principles of Compiler Design
  22. The GENTLE Compiler Construction System By Friedrich Wilhelm Schröer, R. Oldenbourg Verlag, Munich and Vienna
  23. Therobs Lex & Yacc Examples and Download Links
  24. Tree Automata Techniques and Applications
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